The INNOMA activity will see the involvement of all the project partners and the final users, planning, together with the activity of data collection, specific co-planning phases, through different focus groups active during the whole life of the project.

The input data will be the epidemiologic, clinic and instrumental data, entered by the physicians who have a direct contact with the patients and the biomolecular-statistic data entered by the CNR-IBIOM deriving from the NGS analyses.

Once the database created, formed by the analysis of the blood draws performed on healthy patients and patients affected by Metabolic Syndrome and by the collection of information concerning their food habits and lifestyles, the Data Analysis phase enters the scene.

This part of the process will be able to return very important information for all the Stakeholders of the INNOMA Project.

As a matter of fact, the input data will be usable in aggregate form by all these Stakeholders and made public. Each one of them should enter and read data in different ways in compliance with the legislative references as for the privacy management in healthcare.

The innovative element of the projects lies in the integration of complementary technological fields that manage and produce information of interest meeting the several types of users such as physicians, patients, research laboratories and industries belonging to different product sectors (health, food farming sectors).

The leading technological field is human health, in which there is the inevitable integration of the medical skills and technologies in the ICT field.

Instead, the three focus groups will have as main aim the creation of new modes of communication among the several actors that, in INNOMA aim at the co-planning of the system through a circular method.

The groups will be involved during all the phases of the project, ensuring the involvement of the final users in all its phases and their function will be: the detection on the part of the group of the elements to acquire, the development of a dynamic conversation among the participants on the selected themes and the synthesis produced by the moderators of the elements assimilated through the focus group.

At a later stage, the data deriving from the analysis of the microbiota, together with the biochemical and instrumental data of the recruited subjects, will populate the database created by the software developed in INNOMA.

Then, the results obtained by the correlation of data, realized through the specific software, will be the starting point to identify and then select new bacterial strains to be used either for the planning of predictive diagnostic tests and for the realization of new probiotics and functional food with preventive features.

The INNOMA project pursues as final aim to answer, in the correct form, to the needs, shared by Confindustria Bari-Bat and by the technological district H-BIO, of the field of reference “Health, Wellbeing and Socio-Cultural Dynamics”.

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