The communication plan indicates a series of actions and tools useful to the diffusion of the “INNOMA” project that can be synthesised in the following point:

1. Creation of the brand design of the project.
2. Graphic design of the corporate identity.
3. Realization of a website in public Demo Lab mode.
4. Opening of social profiles (Facebook and Twitter)
5. Realization of public events and workshops.
- Conferences relevant to the clinical methodologies and to food for the treatment of MS.
- Workshops that will be hold in cooperation with the final users.
- The meetings, over the local press (TV, web and print media) will be attended by the representatives of the institutions that will be invited for living their contribution during the conference.

6. Publications
Diffusion of the results through scientific and informative publications and involvement of media. The project activities will be object of publication in acts of conferences and/or on national and international peer review magazines.

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