The need of the H-BIO District is focused mainly on the medical environment with particular attention on the advanced diagnostics and customized medicine.

Specifically, it expresses its interest in developing prototypes/pilot products based on the study of the human microbioma and of its role in the Metabolic Syndrome and in the Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) to realize diagnostic kits and probiotic food supplements.

Hence, the District would like to use the scientific data to make them available to its public/private members with the support of and IT platform.

In this way the members will have the possibility to realize new process and products targeted to the improvement of man’s health.


The Association of Industrialist of the Provinces of Bari and Barletta-Andria-Trani represents about 700 companies and it is interested in having the availability of data produced by the analysis of the microbioma from healthy subjects, subjects affected by clinical pathologies and by metabolic disorders.

Those data will be accessible through the use of a proper IT platform. In this way, the members should enhance their new products and/or new process, aiming at the improvement of the food supply chain.

The co-planning with this first group of final users will be lead by the INNOMA ENTERPRISE focus group, composed by: Confindustria BA-BAT and its representatives, H-BIO District and its delegate members, the physicians of the Department of Internal Medicine of the University of Bari and the CNR-IBIOM.

The groups will be involved during all the phases of the project, ensuring the involvement of the final users in all its phases and its function will be: the detection on the part of the group of the elements to acquire, the development of a dynamic conversation among the participants as for the selected themes and the synthesis produced by the moderators of everything learnt through the focus group.

At a later stage, the data deriving from the analysis of the microbiota, together with the biochemical and instrumental data of the recruited subjects, will populate the database created by the software developed in INNOMA.

Then, the results obtained by the correlation of data, realized through the specific software, will be the starting point to identify and then select new bacterial strains to be used either for the planning of predictive diagnostic tests and for the realization of new probiotics and functional food with preventive features.

The INNOMA project pursues as final aim to answer, in the correct form, to the needs, shared by Confindustria Bari-Bat and by the technological district H-BIO, of the field of reference “Health, Wellbeing and Socio-Cultural Dynamics”.


The final users physicians ask for information relevant to the anthropological and social data of the patients, food habits and lifestyles, correlated with the diagnostic data in the field of the Metabolic Syndrome in order to:

offer information services about the diagnostic activities;
offer services of alternative assistance for the management of the patients affected by MS, realized particularly on their needs, process scientific information useful to the detection of new research strategies.
The co-planning with this group of final users will be lead by the focus group INNOMA PHYSICIANS, composed by: partner enterprises, physicians and CNR.


The final users affected by MS will take advantage above all by the data collection.

The patients will be classified in the basis in which the anthropological and social data will be collected, relevant to their food habits and lifestyles, together with the diagnostic data and the therapies adopted.

The final users (citizens, caregivers, persons with predisposition to MS and associations dealing with prevention) will have the possibility to show their needs through the public Living Lab mode activated through the communication tools indicated.

In this way they should:

  • obtain new information services about the diagnostic activities;
  • obtain alternative assistance services, properly realized for their needs, as for example: teleconsultation service, possibility of planning other specialist examination, possibility to receive information relevant to diet, calorie and food intake.
  • obtain information services about the benefits of correct food and a healthy lifestyle, based on scientific studies and statistic data;
  • know all the therapies available in case of Metabolic Syndrome;
  • know the epidemiologic data of the pathology on the territory.

The co-planning with this group of final users will be lead by the focus group INNOMA PATIENTS and CITIZENS, composed by: partner enterprises, CNR-IBIOM, physicians, patients and citizens. There will not be a proper “patients” focus group because this should not favour the participation of those who would like to keep their pathological condition anonymous.

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