It will deal with:

  • Communication
  • Promotion
  • Focus groups

Eusoft is a Small IT Enterprise specialized since more that 20 years in the production of software for the management of laboratories (EuSoft®.Lab LIMS) with clients all over the Italian territory and abroad, belonging to several product sectors. Eusoft plays the role of leading enterprise because it holds a specific know-how in the management of information in the scientific field, in particular it has a stable know-how relevant to the management of the information within the laboratories, the acquisition of input information (sampling with the acquisition of metadata on samples), to the acquisition of the analytical results of devices, up to the processing and correlation of output information.

It will deal with:

  • Patient’s database
  • Microbioma

Insoft, over the experiences relevant to the technological development field, also for projects of specialization and regional healthcare cooperation projects, holds specific previous experiences in the design and realization of networks of cardiological telemedicine, realized within the activities of living lab over Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale (FESR).

It will deal with:

  • Patient’s medical records
  • Analysis of the Microbioma
  • Services for patients

CNR: The Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (Cnr) is the biggest public research structure in Italy, its mission is to realize research projects, promote innovation and competitiveness for the national industrial system, the internationalization of the national research system, and to supply technologies and solutions to the emerging needs of the public and private fields.

It will deal with::

  • Recruitment of Patients
  • Microbioma data management

The INNOMA project will have effective results tank to the circular interaction among the several actors involved.

There will be a cyclic interaction that, starting from the technological needs, will arrive up to the realization/promotion of the product (IT system) to have then economically valuable influences on the final users.

Moreover, the circular model will be supported by the continuous involvement of the final users for the whole live of the project; in this way we will ensure, thanks to a periodical assessment of the efficacy of the intermediate milestones, the detection of corrective actions for the subsequent phases.

The interaction among all the project partners (Companies, Final Users, CNR and UniBa) will be beforehand censure through the definition of an organizing and management model able to ensure the maximum participation to the project.

The involvement of the final users will be fundamental for the analysis of needs, the collection of requisites, the testing of the prototypes of the components of the software system.

Instead, the subsequent review of the requisites is ensured by the focus groups ENTERPRISES, PHYSICIANS, PATIENS and CITIZENS.

The core of the Living Lab model will be the IT platform in which the groupware and social network functions will be developed. This platform will be used during the project for the development of the virtual demo lab. Through the same platform we will give guidelines for the management of the focus groups and all the other involvement activities indicated, included a communication plan of the project.

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