Through the INNOMA project we will succeed in creating a technological system for the management of the whole research project.

Insoft will deal with the realization of:

  • Medical records, preparatory to the creation of an epidemiological register useful to the clinical assessment of the patient.
  • The Patient’s Medical Records will also manage the planning of the diagnostic activities because it will be used by physicians, nurses and researchers;
  • Platform of telemedicine that will enable the services of remote active monitoring on the parte of the staff of physicians, the transport of the data collected at local level, the access of the patient to some central data of potential interest and the cooperation among clinicians;
  • Patient’s APP: a true user’s interface that will allow consulting the medical information, to fill clinical questionnaires and possibly the diary containing other information (e.g. vital parameters).

Instead, Eusoft is delegated to the creation of:

  • Management system of analytical data for the coordination of the clinical results of the samples. The data deriving from the analysis of the microbiota, together with the biochemical and instrumental data of the recruited subjects, will “populate” the database created by the software developed in INNOMA and will be used by the final users;
  • Data analysis DSS that will allow the correlation of data used by the several types of final users (Final users, physicians and researchers, patients and citizens).
  • All the activities indicated and relevant to the planning and development of the modules of the system will be carried on using modern methods for software development called Agile.

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